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History:  The James Project of Latin America began as a week-end ministry for widows and orphans. Later the will of the Lord was revealed, leading to the opening of the Shadow of His Wings Home for Girls in 2001.  In 2006 they moved out of Guatemala City to Monjas, Jalapa, where they will eventually build to receive 200 children, 50 widows, 20 babies, boys home, and have a medical clinic.  So far two of the homes are finished and filled with 10 girls each and house parents.  The construction has started on the third home and the administrative building.

Goals: Shadow of His Wings cares for orphaned and abandoned girls.  The girls receive not only shelter, clothing, good nutrition, and education, but also loving parental figures and most importantly, an opportunity to know Jesus and receive His love and freedom from the past.  The vision is for these girls to be discipled and then to go out and make disciples as they share with others what the Lord has done for them.  The girls range in age from five to eighteen and the majority will be in the home long-term or until they are 18 years old. When they are 18 they can continue to live in the home until they are married, as culturally common, and continue their studies.


Program: The girls attend Liberty Christian School, a ministry of James Project of Latin America.  Since most of the girls have never gone regularly to school before, most start in first grade no matter their age. Some work very hard to complete several years of school each year to catch up. The school runs a camp each year for three days where the girls have a time to really focus on their relationship with God and share with others. The girls have devotions every day, minister through evangelistic outreaches twice a month, attend a discipleship class once a week, and pray together regularly.  The girls take four mission trips per year to rural areas of Guatemala.  They also have their own outreach program with funds raised by making coffee bags and weaving names in pens.  To date, they have funded braces for the school director’s son, put four town girls through a year of school that otherwise would not have been able to attend, and helped to purchase land for a church plant in a rural area that has no church.  For enjoyment, the children sing in a choir. They enjoy playing basketball, swimming, doing crafts,  soccer, chatting, playing on their trampoline, and riding bikes.  This past Christmas the girls received two foosball tables and they enjoy playing each other, the adults and visitors.


Health: The girls are healthy. The majority come in varying stages of malnutrition and with other digestive problems because of a lack of nutrients in their diets. As they begin eating a more balanced diet in the home, supplemented with vitamins, they quickly regain their full health.  However, because of lack of care in their family’s homes, most girls do not have good dental health.


Testimony: 2006 was a year of changes and growth for the program. The newest girls have completely been integrated into their new families and are happy and finally at peace. God has touched the hearts of the girls and has given them a new direction in their lives. Many have given their lives to the Lord. With the opening of the new duplex the budget has grown and God has provided for all of the expenses thus far.


Greatest Needs for the Home:

Funds for the on-going construction needs. Without homes, girls cannot be rescued from their dire situations. 


Funds for the regular monthly budget needs.  As homes are built, the budget needs grow. Teams to come and love on the girls and help them minister in the name of the Lord. 

Costs for Supplies:

  • Shoes cost $20

  • A set of clothes costs $30

  • A Bible costs $15

  • School supplies for elementary costs $125

  • Uniforms cost $90 (for the year)

Prayer Focus:

  • Pray for the girls in the home, the home directors, and staff.

  • Pray that these precious children may come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, be freed from the effects of the horrors of their pasts, and grow in their faith.

Information about Guatemala:

(Quoted from "Operation World" 21st Century edition)

  • Over 61% of the population of Guatemala is Catholic.  More than 25% of those considered Catholic are Christo-pagan with Mayan gods becoming Catholic saints.

  • 80% live in deep poverty.

  • Spanish is the official language, but is used by only 60% of the population.

  • There is a 56% literacy rate.

  • There are 56,000 war orphans, and over 5,000 street children in the capital city, Guatemala City.

  • 27% of children under the age of 5 are underweight.

  • Pray for those who are called to come and help. 

Testimony:  Rosabel (Rosita) is a nine year old girl who arrived in the home in October of 2006. Her mother died when she was a baby. Rosita comes from an extremely poor home. She never went to school. She instead spent her days doing chores in her home: cleaning and caring for her younger brother.


Rosita had a very hard life. Her father remarried and her step-mother began to beat her and made her do most of the housework. Rosita never had time to play or go to school. With five children, her father simply didn’t earn enough to care for them all. Rosita missed many physical needs as well as love. Her father never reported her birth to the government, so she had no birth date or legal documents.


Since the first day at the home, she has received attention, nice clothing, and even shoes; things she never had before. She now has a nice clean bed where she can sleep in peace. The judge also ordered that she be given a legal birth certificate so she could legally study. The most important thing is that she came to realize the love that Jesus has for her and that He has a marvelous plan for her life.

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