Free Schools

Each student in the countries where we work is required to pay school fees; therefore, needy children do not go to school.  Through our Free School Program, hundreds of unschooled children are receiving an education. This program not only  provides the academic studies required by the local governments but also provides a resource through which the Word of God can be shared with those attending.  Many children and their families have come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ through the free school programs.

Children of Promise free schools are operated mostly in Haiti and India. 

Many homes operated and supported by Children of Promise International also provide in-house educational programs. 

Higher Education

An extended education program exists in Children of Promise International’s India program.  Funding is provided to those children in Children of Promise homes who desire to go beyond the government required grade of 10th grade. 

Children go on to nursing school, computer school, mechanics school, vocational training, and college.  Many times sponsors will provide the funding for their sponsored child.  Funds are limited in this program and children are required to submit an application and be approved before participating in the program.

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Top left and right—free schools in India. 
Right—In Cambodia, partners—Foursquare Children of Promise—provide music training in their school program.


Left - Three young people who participated in the Extended Education Program in India.  Here you see them in their nursing uniforms.

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